Detention Center

The Garrett County Detention Center is mandated to provide for the safety of the incarcerated individuals that are placed in their care by providing a humane living environment, while also providing a safe working environment for the staff. The main concern of the Detention Center is the physical, emotional, and psychological wellbeing of incarcerated individuals. Various programs are available to aid those in our care with their reintegration into society.

The Garrett County Detention Center has 7 housing units with 72 general population beds and 4 holding cells. Individuals may be held in the Garrett County Detention Center for a variety of different reasons and circumstances. They may be held on a “bond” or “held without bond”. A bond is an amount of money that must be posted to assure the person will return for trial. They may be here serving a sentence imposed by a court of law or could be held here awaiting a transfer to another jurisdiction.

The Garrett County Detention Center is audited by The Maryland Commission on Correctional Standards. The Maryland Commission on Correctional Standards was established by the General Assembly to advise the secretary of the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services regarding standards for state, local and privately-operated correctional facilities. The commission staff audits correctional facilities and private home detention monitoring agencies to determine levels of compliance, develop audit reports, and provide technical assistance to correct areas of noncompliance. Trained volunteers are used extensively to accomplish the inspection process. Final audit reports of correctional facilities are reviewed by commission members, who are appointed by the governor for a term of three years. The commission's work is forwarded to the secretary.

Mission Statement

The Garrett County Detention Center is a division of the Garrett County Sheriff’s Office under the responsibility and control of the Garrett County Sheriff and the Jail Administrator.

It is the mission of the Garrett County Detention Center to protect the public while providing a safe, secure, and well-managed environment for jail staff, incarcerated individuals, and visitors. These goals shall be attained through effective management of policy and procedures, quality hiring practices, continual training of staff, and incarcerated individual accountability. All performed in a professional and cost-effective manner.

It is also the facility’s mission to provide those in our custody with behavior management, education, and various other program opportunities designed to help reduce recidivism and improve their ability to reenter society successfully.