Home Detention

The Home Detention Program involves an individual being confined to their home instead of being held in jail while serving a sentence. Home Detention is authorized by the sentencing Judge; however, the Detention Center Administrator has the final authority rather or not an individual will be permitted in the program. Determination for eligibility is based on a lengthy check of the individual’s criminal background. The terms can vary widely, from allowing work release to strict confinement. All persons committed to the Home Detention Program are monitored through a GPS, routine homesite and worksite visits, as well as drug and alcohol testing. This method is often used for non-violent offenders or those who pose a low risk to the community. It's seen to reduce overcrowding in our jail, lower detainment costs, and allow individuals to maintain employment and family connections. 

Both the home detention and pre-trial services systems aim to balance the need for public safety with the rights of the accused, and they reflect a shift towards more personalized and potentially rehabilitative approaches within our local justice system.