Programs & Services

Work Incentive Program

Incarcerated individuals may be granted the privilege to work on an outside work crew, performing various duties within the County and for non-profit organizations. Services are provided to towns throughout the county in need of assistance.

Incarcerated individuals may also be granted the privilege of working within the Detention Center with positions in the kitchen and laundry room assisting with cleaning and other duties. These duties are performed under the direct supervision of Correctional Staff.

Both work opportunities provided to incarcerated individuals teach job skills that can be used to prepare them for release.


Sponsored by Garrett Community College, GED classes are available to those who request to participate and meet the basic eligibility requirements. The purpose of this program is to improve the students’ academic skills, with a goal to help prepare students for continued education and/or reentering the workforce upon release. Incarcerated individuals who have been deemed ready to take the GED examination are either scheduled to take the examination prior to their release or upon release.

Substance Abuse Treatment

Jail Substance Abuse Program in collaboration with the Garrett County Health Department is designed to educate incarcerated individuals who have a history of drug and/or alcohol abuse. Individuals enrolled in the program meet in both a group setting and individually to receive counseling, treatment, education, and referrals. The facility also provides a grant funded Medication Opioid Use Disorder Program to individuals that qualify. All individuals who enter the facility are screened for potential substance abuse using the SBIRT Model. Individuals are given intervention and referred to treatment while incarcerated and upon release. Treatment includes a combination of FDA-approved medications, counseling, and therapy to help those who are opioid-dependent recover and maintain healthy lives.

Alcoholics / Narcotics Anonymous

Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous classes are held each week by community volunteers. The purpose of this program is for members to share their experiences with each other in an effort to solve their common problem and help on the road to recovery.


Medical services are provided to incarcerated individuals by a contractual medical company. All incarcerated individuals receive an initial intake screening, physical within 14 days of intake and then receive annual physicals thereafter. Medications are administered on a regular schedule as ordered by the facility physician. Sick calls are completed 7 days a week and are completed within 12 to 24 hours. Emergency services are provided by local EMS agencies and the local hospital. Chronic Care is provided to all individuals initially and then every 90 days. The facility provides dental services contracted with the Garrett County Health Department Dental Care Center. Outside appointments with specialists are made when referred by the facility physician.

No incarcerated individual is ever denied medical services, medication, or treatment due to lack of funds. All individuals are charged a co-payment for sick call requests and a low monthly fee for medications.

Mental Health Counseling

Mental health counseling is provided daily to all who request to speak to the Mental Health Clinician or anyone that is experiencing any mental health needs. Our Mental Health Clinician meets one on one with incarcerated individuals several times weekly as well as holds group counseling.

Re-entry Coordination

The facility employs a re-entry coordinator to assess the needs of incarcerated individuals and refer them to services while incarcerated and post release such as mental health, substance abuse, medical assistance, job training, housing, social security disability applications, and any other services to remove barriers and reduce recidivism.

Religious Services

The facility has a Chaplain for religious needs and all denominations are served when incarcerated. The Chaplain provides a variety of religious needs to include prayer and spiritual counseling to anyone who requests to meet with them. The facility Chaplain obtains and distributes literature and text to those who request it.


The Garrett County Detention Center provides a small library with books donated by the Ruth Enlow Library. Individuals can browse the library and check out books on a regular basis. Outside of what the library provides, family members are permitted to send new unused soft bound books via Amazon to the facility. A free up to date law library is also provided on the tablets.


All incarcerated individuals have access to tablets to use for self-guided education, self-help courses, an updated law library and entertainment such as movies and music. The tablets can also be used to make telephone calls and send messages to stay in contact with friends and family. The tablets are free to use, and credits can be earned from the educational platform to purchase entertainment such as movies and music from the system.