Work Incentive Crews

As we continue to honor our Correctional Officers this week, today we would like to spotlight the work of Master Correctional Officer Tom Sharon and Work Incentive Supervisor Butch Miller. 

Tom and Butch supervise crews of incarcerated workers for participation in the work incentive program. This program gives the incarcerated individuals an opportunity to learn valuable work skills while also earning a reduction in their sentences of up to 5 days per month worked.

During the calendar year 2023, the individuals who participated in the program completed a total of 14,236 hours of work in the Detention Center as well as outside of the facility. 

The work incentive program is responsible for mowing a total of 80 plus county-owned sites. 

These crews are also responsible for shoveling and treating numerous county-owned sites throughout the winter months. 

We thank Tom and Butch for the work they do each day while supervising these crews!

Created 5/7/2024 11:16am
Last Updated 5/7/2024 11:45am